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The below is a bibliography of written works with which Ivor has been involved during his career.

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  • On understanding curriculum: the alienation of curriculum theory

    Publication date: 01/01/1987

    Curriculum Perspectives, 7(2), 41-47.

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • Opetussuunnitelman tekeminen: esseitä opetussuunnitelman ja oppiaineen sosiaalisesta rakentumisesta

    Publication date: 01/01/2001

    Finland: Joensuu University Press

    Type: Book | Language: Finnish

  • O future da democracia social e o desenvolvimento de uma nova politica de educacao

    Publication date: 01/01/2014

    In A Escola Como Objeto de Estudo. Brazil: Capes.

    Type: Chapter | Language: Portuguese

  • Paradigm, diskurs, perspektiv, tradition

    Publication date: 08/11/2003

    In Livshistoria och Professionsutveckling (2003), Sweden: Studentlitteratur, by I.F Goodson and Ulf Numan

    Type: Chapter | Language: Swedish

  • Pedagogisk forandring: intern, extern och personlig

    Publication date: 04/05/2003

    Väd är professionell kunskap?  Förändrade värdingar av lärares yrkesroll. Sweden: Studentlitteratur, Goodson, I. F. (2003).

    Type: Chapter | Language: Swedish

  • Personal history and curriculum study

    Publication date: 01/01/2009

    In E. Short & L. Waks (Eds.) Leaders in curriculum studies:  Intellectual Self-Portraits, 91-104. Rotterdam, Boston and Tapei: Sense 


    Type: Chapter | Language: English

  • Planning and Conducting Large-Scale Mixed Methods Study: The Researchers’ Experiences

    Publication date: 18/01/2018

    Niglas,N., Ümarik,M., Tinn, M., Goodson, I., Mikser, R., Veisson, M., Loogma, K., & Ugaste. A. In International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches (IJMRA), Special Issue: Mixed Methods Manifesto, VOL. 10, NO. 1, 283–295

    Type: Journal article | Language:

  • Politicas do conhecimento: vida e trabalho docente entre saberes e instituições

    Publication date: 01/01/2007

    (Organizaçâo e tradução: Raimundo Martins e Irene Tourinho) Brazil: Coleção Desenrêdos

    Type: Book | Language: Portuguese

  • Preparing for post-modernity: storying the self

    Publication date: 01/01/1998

    Educational Practice and Theory, 20(1), 25-31

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • Procesos sociohistóricos de cambio curricular

    Publication date: 01/01/2008

    In A. Benacot and C. Braslavsky (Eds.) El Conocimiento Escolar en una Perspectica Histórica y Comparativ:  cambios de currículos en la educatión Primaria y Secudaria’ in Perspecticas en Educatión

    Type: Chapter | Language: Spanish

  • Professionalism i reformtider

    Publication date: 01/12/1999

    Pedagogiska Magasinet, No. 4, 6-12, December. 

    Type: Journal article | Language: Swedish

  • Professional knowledge and educational restructuring in Europe

    Publication date: 01/01/2010

    With S. Lindblad. Rotterdam Boston and Taipei: Sense

    Type: Book | Language: English

  • Professional knowledge and the teacher’s life and work

    Publication date: 01/01/2000

    In C. Day, A. Fernandez, T. E. Hauge and J. Møller (Eds.), The Life and Work of Teachers: international perspectives in changing times. London and New York: Falmer Press [ISBN 0-750-70944-8].

    Type: Chapter | Language: English

  • Professional knowledge, professional lives

    Publication date: 01/01/2007

    Beijing: Beijing Normal University Press

    Type: Book | Language: Chinese

  • Professional knowledge, professional lives: studies in education and change.

    Publication date: 01/09/2003

    Open Maidenhead and Philidelphia: University Press

    Type: Book | Language: English

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