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Website welcome

For the past 30 years I have been studying people’s life chances and life projects and, in publishing this work, I have become more and more aware of how these studies only reach particular audiences.

Basically, the studies are only accessible to those in the USA and Europe who can afford to buy, often expensive, books. It seems to me that the Internet can break open new lines of both communication and written work to new and hitherto inaccessible audiences. 

The plan in developing this website is to reach a wider audience and to facilitate connections between these audiences. Although we are beginning by highlighting a number of books in English the website will slowly expand to cover all of the books and works carried in translation.

The website focuses on the three major areas of my work, developing from a focus on curriculum studies into a study of professional life and work. More recently, my work builds on these foundations to be a much broader look at people’s life narratives. My recent work is on narrative learning, narrative pedagogy and new perspectives on narrative theory.

Ivor Goodson