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The Selected Works of Ivor F. Goodson
Selected Works

The three themes of curriculum studies, life history and professional life and work are summarised in Goodson's volume of selected works...

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The following featured chapters explore Selected Works in detail, and can be read in full and/or downloaded as PDFs.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Becoming a School Subject

    This paper interrogates philosophical and sociological explanations of curriculum and develops a more grounded explanation of the process underpinning the process of school subjects.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Coming to Curriculum

    This paper examines the personal origins of interest in curriculum studies and explores the social construction of the field.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Long Waves of Educational Reform

    This chapter grows out of the work on 'The Change over Time' project conducted in the years 1998-2004 funded by the Spencer Foundation. It develops a theory of educational change based on a study of historical periodisation.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Nations at Risk

    This paper reviews the phenomenon of national curriculum as it has emerged in the Western world. It shows that the curriculum is being used as a response to nation building and the formation of a national identity at a time when globalisation is posing new threats to such identities.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Towards a Social Constructionist Perspective

    This paper argues that we must move away from a singular focus on curriculum as prescription whether as a form of construction or a form of investigation, and that we need to move towards a notion of curriculum as social construction.

  • Publication cover Chapter: Towards an Alternative Pedagogy

    This paper argues that if the intention of teaching is to involve all pupils in learning then transmission with its dependence on the viability of pre-planned educational outcomes is particularly ill-suited.