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Key Idea: Narrative Pedagogy

One aspect of the narrative form which has been relatively overlooked to date is that of the pedagogic encounter. As we construct our narratives and swap them with each other a pedagogic encounter takes place whereby we learn in the process of construction and swapping. Fundamentally reflecting and examining the narratives of their lives in the process of learning is what we call narrative pedagogy.  Narrative pedagogy presents a resource for the explanation of those narrative processes that can lead to meaningful change and development for individuals and groups within a learning environment and in life learning. This focus on life history and narrative pedagogy allows us to identify and support routes to learning within the narrative landscape of learners and through these pedagogic encounters.  In chapter seven of the book Narrative Pedagogy: Life History and Learning Goodson and Gill (2010) lay out the relevance of narrative pedagogy and its relationship to the learning process.