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Professional Life and Work

Professional Knowledge and Educational Restructuring in Europe

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Understanding

Table 1. Periodisation in national contexts – published in the Profknow Report

National case Periods Basis for distinctions
ENGLAND 1945–1979: Progressive narrative on welfare state expansion.
1979–1997: Marketisation narrative.
1997–2007: Narrative of the middle way: targets, tests and tables.
The neo-liberal breakthrough as an organising principle.
FINLAND 1945–1969: Preparatory phase building the welfare state.
1970–1989: the golden age.
1990–2007: restructuring.
The welfare state as an organising principle and the planning romanticism.
GREECE 1945–1967: Post war period.
1967–1974: dictatorship.
1975–1989: welfare state building.
1991–2007: restructuring.
IRELAND 1970–1986 - the demise of apprenticeship and increasing secularisation.
1987–1997 - envisioning the future partnership a new approach.
1997–2007 - opening the floodgates of reform.
Secularisation and modernisation stories.
PORTUGAL 1945–1974: dictatorship.
1974–1976: revolutionary period.
1977–1985: normalisation.
1985–2007: restructuring.
Revolution as an organising idea.
SPAIN 1939–1976 Dictatorship.
1977–1990 Normalising.
1990–2000: welfare state building.
2000–2007: restructuring.
Dictatorship story.
SWEDEN 1945–1975 Welfare state expansion - services for all.
1975–1992: Decentralisation and deregulation.
1992–2000: Marketisation.
2000–2007: Quality agenda.
Welfare state story.


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