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Narrative Theory

Developing Narrative Theory: life histories and personal representation

Narrativity, Learning and Flexibility: towards the narrative future

Figure 3 Armchair elaborators


  • High narrativity and reflexivity.
  • Ongoing personalized elaboration and personal narrative activity.
  • This group aspires to independence and ‘becoming’, but are held back in their stories at least by original scripting or by generalized but poorly formulated visions such as: ‘the independent rebel’, ‘the battling woman’.
  • Inability to delineate courses of action.
  • Low self-confidence and self-belief.
  • Social position anomalous – sense of rebelliousness and reinterpretation. Some movement between groups.
  • Flexibility of response and repositioning. Considerable narrative movement, but a sense of unelaborated drift or generalized discontent because of lack of agency.

Learning styles

  • Learning is uncoupled from any personalized elaboration.
  • Learning not related to new courses of action or the development of new identity projects.
  • Learning is instrumental, but is used for delivering other people’s plans – often, paradoxically, other people from whom autonomy is sought.
  • In general, schooling was an unsatisfactory, although considerable commitment to personal projects or specialisms was evidenced. Little enjoyment of school learning and in some senses positive dislike.
  • Personal development. In most cases still locked at an early stage of the process of ‘becoming somebody’
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