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The below is a bibliography of written works with which Ivor has been involved during his career.

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  • From personal to political: developing sociologies of curriculum

    Publication date: 01/01/1994

    The Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, 10(3), 9-31.

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • From the mystification to markets: the evolution of curriculum history and life history

    Publication date: 01/09/2019

    In G. McCulloch, I. Goodson and M. González-Delgado (Eds.) Transnational Perspectives on Curriculum History. London and New York: Routledge.

    Type: Chapter | Language:

  • Geoff Whitty’s sociology and school knowledge: a review

    Publication date: 01/01/1986

    Journal of Education Policy, 1(2), 204-205.

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • Hacia un desarrollo de las historias personales y profesionales de los docentes

    Publication date: 01/09/2003

    Revista Mexicana de Investigacion Educativa, VIII (19), September-December.

    Type: Journal article | Language: Spanish

  • Happiness, Flourishing and the Good Life: A Transformative Vision of Human Well Being

    Publication date: 01/09/2019

    Thomson, G., Gill S. & Goodson, I. F. (2019) London and New York: Routledge.

    Type: Book | Language: English

  • Heroic principals and structures of opportunity: Conjoncture at a vocational high school

    Publication date: 01/01/1998

    With C. Anstead. International Journal of Leadership in Education, 1(1), 61-73, January.

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • Historiando o eu: política-vida e o estudo da vida e do trabalho do professor

    Publication date: 10/04/2014

    Goodson, I. F. In R. Martins and I Tourinho (Orgs.) Processos & Prácticas de Pesquisa em Cultura Visual e Eduçacão, Camobi, Brazil: Editora da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria.

    Type: Chapter | Language: Portuguese

  • Historia del currículum: la construcción social de las disciplinas escolares

    Publication date: 01/01/1995

    Barcelona, Spain: Ediciones Pomares-Corredor

    Type: Book | Language: Spanish

  • History 13-16

    Publication date: 01/01/1980

    In L. Stenhouse (Ed.) Curriculum Research and Development in Action. London: Heinemann.

    Type: Chapter | Language: English

  • History context and qualitative method

    Publication date: 01/01/1985

    In R. C. Burgess (Ed.) Strategies for Educational Research. London, New York and Philadelphia: Falmer Press.

    Type: Chapter | Language: English

  • Holding on together: conversations with Barry

    Publication date: 01/01/1997

    In P. Sikes and F. Rizvi (Eds.) Researching Race and Social Justice Education - essays in honour of Barry Troyna. Staffordshire: Trentham Books.

    Type: Chapter | Language: English

  • Improving learning through the lifecourse

    Publication date: 23/02/2011

    With Biesta, G. J. J., Field, J., & Macleod, F. et al. London and New York: Routledge

    Type: Book | Language: English

  • Improving the transparency of the life history method data analysis process in qualitative biographical research

    Publication date: 01/01/2019

    Goodson, I. F., Sadam. M. & Jogi, L. Pedagogika, Volume 134, No 2.

    Type: Journal article | Language: English

  • International perspectives in curriculum history

    Publication date: 24/10/2012

    New paperback edition. London and New York: Routledge.

    Type: Book | Language: English

  • L’interrogation des réformes éducatives: la contribution des etudes biographiques en education

    Publication date: 01/01/2009

    In Jean-Louis Derouet & Marie-Claude Derrout-Bresson (Eds.) Repenser la justice dan la domaine de l’éducation et de la formation, 311-330. Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wein: Peter Lang

    Type: Chapter | Language:

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