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Narrative Theory

Narrative Pedagogy

Learning and Narrative Pedagogy

These questions allow narrative learning to be rigorous and holistic. In addition, the interpretation of the narrative from multiple perspectives further generates conversations and exchanges that bring in other dimensions of human experience – the socio-cultural, the historical, the political, and the personal. Narrative learning helps distinguish an identity that is inherited from ancestors, cultures, nation, ethnicity, gender, or derived from our upbringing within a community from an identity that is subject to social, religious, political and other power dynamics, as well as from a sense of oneself that is more autonomous and enduring. By taking a rigorous approach to narrative interpretation and meaning-making, narrative learning can be emancipatory and can unfold the dominant forces that shape the way a person constructs his/her narrative. This is not to suggest that a process like this can truly liberate one from diverse constraints and influences. However, an awareness of the multiple landscapes within a person’s own narrative terrain can nevertheless empower them to begin to choose a life trajectory more in tune with his/her own nature, identity and perception of his/her purpose in the world.

Narrative learning has transformative potential, yet transformation does not mean a constant shift in an individual’s narratives. In fact, narrative learning also seeks to consolidate a person’s journeys, and allow them to develop a sense of integrity in their overall narrative, uniting past and present experiences and formulating a future trajectory. This kind of consolidation is not in conflict with an overall transformative agenda.

3. Expanding on narrative pedagogy

In this book, we put forward the notion of narrative encounters and suggest that education endeavours ought to be focused on facilitating dialogue and deep personal engagement through narrative exchange. Therefore, it is crucial for us to define and expand on the notion of pedagogy in order to work towards a theory of narrative pedagogy.

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Narrative Pedagogy
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